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I am constantly shopping at my local drugstore and for much more than just beauty products.

Sure, I love scoping out the beauty aisles for lipstick and new makeup launches, but I am usually there browsing while waiting to pick up my prescriptions.

You see, I am a chronic migraine sufferer. If you follow me on social media, you may have seen me mention it from time to time. I manage my migraines with quite a few prescription medications, which, unfortunately, took years to figure out. Trying new medications for both onset migraines and preventive measures was quite the trial, and quite expensive.

Did you know there are ways to save on prescription drugs whether you have insurance or not? RxSaver by RetailMeNot, is a free website and app that gives you access to help you find the best price on your medication has been super helpful for me.

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Save Up to 80% on Prescription Drugs
Saving at the Drugstore with RxSaver

Having a chronic medical condition that requires prescription medication can be very costly. My insurance doesn’t always cover the medications my doctor wants me to try. It is not fun getting a call from the pharmacy counter saying that I have a $300+ bill to pick up my prescription medication. That is where RxSaver has come in to save me and save me money — saved money to spend on necessities or you know, the pretty things in those beauty aisles. :) puts the control back in my hands and gives me access to prescription pricing information so I can compare costs at nearby pharmacies so I get the best price available. RxSaver is super easy to use, too. I simply open up the app or check out the site and do a quick search for my desired prescription before heading to the pharmacy. RxSaver can save me up to 80%. The actual savings are based on pharmacy cash price. More info is available at

Saving at the Drugstore with RxSaver
Saving at the Drugstore with RxSaver

Whether you have insurance or not, RxSaver works and saves you money. Try it!

I always use the RxSaver tool to double check prescription drug prices because the prices are often lower than my co-pay. As an example, my usual co-pay is $50. I just checked a new preventative medication in the widget above; the exact same medication and dosage at the SAME PHARMACY is just $10.97 with the RxSaver coupon. Genius!

How great is it that RxSaver gives you control over what you pay for your prescriptions? Visit to start saving on your prescriptions.


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