bliss The Youth As We Know It Anti-Aging Skin Care Review & Photos.

About six weeks ago, I started using bliss The Youth As We Know It Night Cream. Overnight, I was in awe of my skin. When I woke up to much more fresh, even toned, plump, beautiful skin; I knew I had to learn why my skin was looking so fantastic after just one use.  When I went to check out the ingredients over on, I learned that this Night Cream was part of an entire collection of products, The Youth As We Know It.

The Youth As We Know It line of products are all based on the top 10 anti-aging ingredients that bliss has found to be most effective in use at their world reknowned spas. They put their knowledge to use in the development of this line, and I could not be happier with the way my skin looks and feels since using the new skin care regimen.

Let's take a look at the products:

The Youth As We Know It Cleanser  - $30.00
A wonderfully smelling creamy cleanser that gently foams. Skin is rejuvenated, cleaned and brightened with every wash. I love how fresh my face feels after washing. It is perfected and primed, ready to take on the rest of the skin care musts.

The Youth As We Know It Eye Cream - $75.00
This rich eye cream contains the the 10 most important ingredients that bliss had found to be effective on the eyes. This anti-aging wonder diminishes dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles; maintains skins strength and firmness; brightens and smoothes; protects; very importantly hydrates with seven different moisture ingredients.

The Youth As We Know It Serum - $70.00
This light serum is a specialized cocktail of encapsulated moisturizing actives (the same actives used in bliss’ the youth facial) is coupled with a moisture binding complex to provide the skin with long-lasting hydration. Just one pump is all I need to cover both my face and neck. I’ll admit, I sometimes go overboard and pump out three to four pumps and use the serum all over my chest, décolletage and rub the rest into the back of my hands.  I love how hydrated and glowing my skin is immediately after use.

The Youth As We Know It Moisture Lotion SPF 30  - $74.00
The bliss product pros mixed up a skin-saving dream cream with both UVA/UVB sunscreen protection, and then added in the 10 age-battling benefits. Not only does this do a great job at offering all day UVA & UVB protections, it helps promote the ever so important collagen production; diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles while it plumps them up; smoothes the skin as it brightens and clarifies it; evens the skin tone; hydrates it with feeling too rich. This lotion is a great match for skin in the warmer months.


The Youth As We Know It Moisture Cream - $74.00

This day cream is so beautifully rich that my skin feels like I just had a moisturizing facial when using. It is very rich and hydrating, a bit much for use in the warmer months, so I will stick to using this one in the winter. Of course this is chock full with the 10 most effective anti-aging ingredients for the face that makes it so extraordinary.  The skin is immediately firmed and smoothed; evenly tones; plumped and filled as wrinkles are relaxed; hydrated with hydrators that are formulated to last deep within the skin for up to seven days after each application.

The Youth As We Know It Night Cream - $79.00
Like I said, this night-time dream cream is what started me on this path of new skin care. During the night, your skin puts all its energy into repair and rejuvenation, ready for the powerful ingredients in this cream.
The rich formula that actually feels lightweight, is formulated with double the active wrinkle fighting power that sinks deep into skin to pack the ultimate age-defying punch. I wake up looking more fresh. My skin is so fully plumped and hydrated and most notably more even toned than it has been in for years.

If you are in need of some serious skin care repair or are looking to overhaul your current skin care routine, I urge you to look for The Youth As We Know It products. I am confident you will be thrilled as your skin thanks you. Shop at, at the bliss spas or at Sephora.