Hair is Definitely an Affair at the L'Oreal Paris Color Space.

One of the most fun sections here in the L'Oreal Paris Color Space is the hair section. Or sections, I should say.

There is a section all about shampoo,and conditioner. You can speak with one of the L'Oreal Paris hair care experts to find out what product line is best for you. Whether it be from the Vive Pro line or my favorite EverPure sulfate-free line, you can find out which is best for you hair type. You will even get to take home some samples of your recommended products.

Next, you move on to the Hair Styling section, where you can learn all about the Studio Line of hair styling products. Here, another L'Oreal Paris expert will talk to you about your hair care styling needs and suggest the products for you.  You will then leave with a customized write-up with your product suggestions.

Next, if hair color is your thing, and really, who doesn't love to play with hair color or at least find out exactly which hair coloring products are perfect for your hair type, skin coloring, etc. You can find out about all the fun highlighting methods, or move straight onto color. There is a section for Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads.