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Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Deep Nourishing Treatment Mask.


Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy is changing the way we think about treating our hair. Working at the scalp, this line of hair products treats the scalp for better looking hair from root to tip. The latest addition to the Clear line up is this new treatment mask, Deep Nourishing Treatment Mask.

The mask was made to repair damage and protect and repair color. It is if it were made just for my dry, damaged, color treated hair.

Product highlights:

  • Formulated to provide up to 95% more damage resistant hair in 3 minutes
  • Nourishes the scalp deeply and helps protect hair against damage
  • Dual-action formulation: a white stripe of nourishing treatment and a prink stripe infused with concentrated Nutrium 10, a rich blend of vitamins and nutrient

I used this Sunday night, a.k.a. Beauty Night at my house. I squeezed out a large dollop of this into my hands, rubbed together and worked it over my scalp and onto my wet hair. I left it on while I was in the tub for 20 minutes or so. It is only suggested to use it for three minutes, but I am a firm believer that longer is better when it comes to treatments masks. (I've even been known to leave deep conditioners on overnight!) After I rinsed off, I immediately noticed how smooth my hair is, even while still being wet. It seemed to seal my hair  cuticle. As I blew-dry, I noticed how it made my hair really soft, yet still manageable, and less dry or frizzy looking. It is now going to be a part of my Sunday night beauty routine.

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Deep Nourishing Treatment Mask is available at a drugstores and mass retailers for around $5.00.

Reader Comments (6)

Sounds like I need this. I've been using the shampoo and conditioner and have been experimenting with the different hair type formulas. Guessing I could use this with any of them for extra help and hair nourishment. Thanks for pointing it out.
Ruthie -

Yes, you can definitely use this with whatever regimen you currently use, Clear Hair Therapy or not. It's just a deeply nourishing treatment that any dry or damaged hair needs it.
Going shopping tonight and I am going to look for this. Usually my hair is worse for the wear in the summer and humid months but this winter it is dry and breaking at the ends.
I was impressed at the quality of the shampoo and prob should check this out myself. I swear I can never help my hair enough.
Rose -

This mask will definitely help, especially with super dry and breakage prone hair that I deal with in the winter too.
Laura -

I hear ya on that fact that "I can never help my hair enough". With coloring and heat styling everyday, I am always trying to undo the damage.

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