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My New FAVE Foundation: Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF 10. 

I think we can agree that it is my "job" to try beauty products. I have tried so many and highlight so much of what I like here on Beautiful Makeup Search. Alas, once in a while, there is a product that just blows me away and ladies, this is it. Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup is the foundation I have been searching for.

First of all, when I need coverage, I want my foundation to cover, but not look like a mask. I want my skin, minus the age spots, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles to show through. I want my skin to look healthy. Obviously, I would like the makeup to look as perfect, as I think it can. I also want it to last and look nice all day long. Diorskin Nude does all that and then some.

And then some? Yes, my skin looks better than ever when using it and I love how I can play with the coverage. I do not want heavier coverage for the day, when I usually use a tinted moisturizer. But there are times that I want to build up my foundation, and this foundation is very build able. Using my handy Beautyblender Sponge (more on that soon!), I can stipple the makeup just where I need the foundation to cover more and where it can be used lighter.

The fact that the formula is hydrating and contains an SPF of 10 is a definite plus as well. The liquid is hydrating enough to quench my dry skin all throughout the day, but never looking to "glowy" or oily. Believe it or not, I do not even using setting powder with this foundation. Perfection!

A unique blend of 100% natural mineral pigments and Dior's innovative Mineralized Water delivers an energizing cocktail for your complexion. Over time, your skin looks more beautiful, with and without makeup!

Diorskin Nude comes in a nice range of shades to compliment various skin shades and undertones. I am using the shade Sand, and it compliments my skin tone (in the summer) perfectly.

There is a coordinating Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Fresh Powder Makeup, for those who like to shy away from liquid foundations. If you are at all hesitant to try this (in either form), do not be. For this to receive status as one of my favorites is not to be taken lightly - and I mean that.

Diorskin Nude can be found at makeup counters at Nordstom, and for $45.00.

Reader Comments (5)

great info..tq
Hi, like I need another foundation!! but this sounds soooo good. I'm sure I will end up trying it. thanks for the info!!
This foundation is wonderful! It smooths out lines, and does not look caked on, it looks like you are very natural indeed! I use it with the dior powder, and it truly does look flawless! It is guaranteed too.. you will love it, or can return it!
Hello just read your review before i started writing my own. I love this foundation it looks really natural and i find it actually soothing for the skin. My skin does feel better and look better. Maybe it is just in my mind but still there is a difference!
I was only puzzled by the fact that when i strated using it this foundation was really liquidy!
In a few days though it turned out to be more of a creamy-mousse texture.
The product was original purchased from Sephora so i have no doubt that there was anything wrong with it BUT this change in texture was really weird.
I agree with Not Beautiful Enough...I'm African American and I actually love the foundation, but I also noticed after some time the product's texture fact, it became so thick, I couldn't pump anymore out ....ithe clerk at Dillards said something about the hot temperatures in Georgia where I live..anyway, I'm now finding that I can't even buy anymore of the product where I live...I've searched and searched but it appears it's being "discontinued" without any fanfare...last time I went to Dillards to buy some, they gave me a sampler...I'm also noticing the color isn't the same now after using this for a while...guess as it gets older it changes textures AND now I'm looking ORANGE?!?!?! just in time for Halloween I

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