Caramel Highlights + Caring for Colored Hair.

After browsing Pinterest for caramel highlights, I decided to take the plunge and give my hair a warm glow by adding some subtle color to my dark brown hair this summer. They are very hard to see and really blend in when my hair is down, but when I pull it back, I was surprised to see how much of the highlights I could see. I have a feeling I will be pulling my hair back a lot this summer to show them off.

Caramel Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

I will be switching to all sulfate free shampoos now that I have color in my hair and will not be heat styling every day to cut down on potential hair damage. Here are some sulfate free shampoos that I want to try.

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo

Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo

Bumble & Bumble Gentle Shampoo

Herbal Essences Naked Moisture Shampoo

L'Oréal Ever Pure Shampoo

 Best Sulfate Free Shampoo


Prom Hair, Makeup and Nails.

I am so excited to tell you that I am officially a high school graduate! I graduated last night and will be going to college to study communications (I hope to work in public relations in the fashion business) in September.

Graduation Style

Last week was my senior prom. I wanted to show you my nails, hair and the makeup I wore, because it really lasted through a long night of dancing the night away.

My prom day started by getting a manicure. I wanted to go natural because my dress was bright red. I chose MAC Thimbleweed from the Proenza Schouler collection. It is a pale nude and gave my nails just enough color and lots of shine.

Natural Nails

My Mom did my makeup and she helped me to chose the best long-lasting products, but I insisted on a lot of my Urban Decay favorites a few things like CoverGirl's Bombshell Mascara, it's the only one I will use, and Urban Decay's Perversion Ink for Eyes. I wanted to look bronzey and natural with a little bit of a bronzey smokey eye. I wanted my lips natural with Urban Decay's Naked lipgloss too. I don't like a lot of makeup on my eyes because my eyes and lashes are very dark already.

Makeup Used for Prom

Makeup Used for Prom

Makeup Used for Prom

After my makeup was done, I went to the salon, where Paul did my hair. I wanted some pulled back and to wear some down. I have a lot of hair and it is naturally very wavy and almost curly. I showed Paul a few pictures, but really just let him do what he wanted in the back and then had him do some loose waves on the bottom.

Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

Perfect Hairstyle for Weddings

Here is the final look at my prom makeup. It came out how I envisioned it.

Prom Makeup Look

Prom was great! My best advice to those going to prom is to use long-lasting makeup and a good makeup primer. The makeup primer my Mom used on me from Hourglass worked really well because my makeup looked just good at the end of the night as I did when I left for the prom.


A New Way to Shave: Bikini Soft Smooth Shave Oil.

Shaving is such a pain, isn't it? I am embarrassed to admit that I have to shave every day. Whether it is my under arms, my legs or bikini area, I pull out the razor and shave each and every day.

Smooth Skin Shaving Tips

Shaving is not a chore that I take lightly. I do not want to cut up my skin. I demand soft and smooth skin at all times. I look for products that work, and make shaving fast and easy for me. My latest discovery is Bikini Soft Smooth Shave Oil.

Bikini Soft Smooth Shave Oil not only makes shaving fast and easy for me, it helps keep my skin soft and smooth because of the oil formula that helps my razor glide right over my skin. This shave oil is a lubricant that reduces all forms of irritation such as razor burn, nicks, and cuts. It is the perfect mixture of natural oils, rich moisturizers and skin softeners that do the trick. Shaving has never been so easy. It works both in and out of the shower, and like I said, makes shaving easier than ever for me.

Bikini Soft Snooth Shave Oil sells for $12.99 at


A Twisted Updo for Prom, Homecoming, Winter Formal and Weddings.

When looking for an updo hairstyle for prom, I scoured over Pinterest for days looking inspiration. It was hard to find one that I liked, so I brought my hairstylist multiple pictures and together, we figured out I wanted a twisted updo with a lot of pieces and some hair left in front.

A Twisted Updo for Prom, Homecoming, Winter Formal and Weddings

Here is the process. My hair was sectioned and twisted in various ways, eight different times.

A Twisted Updo in Progress

A Twisted Updo in Progress

A Twisted Updo for Prom, Homecoming, Winter Formal and Weddings

A Twisted Updo for Prom, Homecoming, Winter Formal and Weddings 

In the end, we decided I had left too much hair out front, so we twisted another piece, around the side and secured it into one of the back twists. It sort of looked like a bohemian style crown.

A Twisted Updo for Prom, Homecoming, Winter Formal and Weddings

It only took about 35 minutes from start to finish. The secret to a successful updo is unwashed and unconditioned hair. I washed my hair one day prior to the Prom, but didn't condition it that day. Working with "dirty" hair is easier and it stayed better.

I plan to wear a similar style for homecoming, the winter formal and a wedding I have coming up this fall. I need to get back to Pinterest for more inspiration for my Senior prom next year.

Can you tell I had a blast at Prom?

Prom Picture