Make Summer Last with a Trio of Coconut Treats from mark.

I cannot believe that the long Labor Day weekend is here. I don't want summer to end. Ever. I plan on making it last with this trio of coconut treats from beauty brand mark.

These decadent body treats that will have your body silky smooth, soft and freshly cleaned in the summer scent of coconut. You can choose from any of the three, or do what I do and combine them all for a long lasting summer scent.

Making summer last with a trio of coconut treats | Beautiful Makeup Search

Three's A Charm Coconut Treat - $8.00

This multi-tasking cleanser can be used as a body wash, bubble bath and gentle daily-use shampoo too! It produces a rich later with this awesome, creamy coconut scent. I squirt a quarter sized dollop onto a netted body sponge and wash in the shower.

Get Misty Coconut Treat Body Mist - $12.00

This refreshing mist hydrates the skin and leaves it lightly scented. I like to spray it on right before I get dressed. The refreshing coconut water infused scent weaves in mandarin with luscious hazelnut and coconut cream to keep me smelling summer scented all day.

Whipped Up Coconut Treat Body Butter - $10.00

Rich in vitamins and skin conditioners, the formula works within skin layers to hold in moisture all day. I rub it on my skin while still damp, right out of the shower. My skin is left silky soft and lightly scented in the sweet coconut scent.

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Getting Healthy with Nutrisystem: Week 5.

I had a rough week. I am super busy and super stressed. Every little thing seemed to bother me. I haven't felt like this in a long time. Staying on my Nutrisystem plan was not easy.

I am a stress eater and have been for years. It is one of those things that got me to where I am with my weight, I know that. I try to avoid stress and do other things besides eat now. I call my sister. I go for a walk. I do what I can to get out of the situation.

For the most part, it is working. Then Saturday night happened, when I wasn't even stressed, but I think it was the result of the previous few days. We were out shopping, and on our way into the store there was a food truck. My husband says we need to eat. I tell him there is no way we are eating from a food truck. Until I notice they are making fresh apple cider donuts. Without a second thought, I say, "Get some!". I only had a bite. Not even 1/4 of the donut. It tasted so good. I was satisfied. Until we were walking back out, by said donuts and my husband stopped for more. The boys needed more. I thought I was fine, until I felt the warmth of the donuts in the bag. I reached in and ate the whole thing. I didn't think twice.

It didn't stop there. We went to dinner, and not to the healthiest place. There was no healthy option beside a salad, so that was the plan. That is, until the waiter asks if we want chips and salsa with our drinks and I say  "suuuuure", and dove right in.

I was disappointed in myself. But that wasn't the worst part. I felt physically sick to my stomach. I was not used the the sugar and heaviness of the donut. Combine that with a few handfuls of tortilla chips and salsa -- you get the point.

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I vowed to be better. I took a 5.3 mile walk Sunday morning, but still wasn't quite back on track. Though I did exercise every day, I did not get back on track with my eating regularly as I had been for a few days. It is so easy to give up, but I am not. I have been back to staying on my Nutrisystem plan and tracking everything as I should.

I did get on the scale and my weight stayed the same. I am relieved that I didn't gain any weight, but my unexpected few days off didn't help on my getting healthy plan. I have to remember that I am down 10.5 pounds so far and I am fitting into clothes that I couldn't earlier this summer. I will not let this slip up get me down. I can do this; I just have to keep reminding myself.

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Disclosure: As part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program, Nutrisystem is providing me with the Nustrisystem program, free of charge, which includes food and support, in exchange for my honest opinion of the program. No other compensation has been given. All thoughts are my own.

Fall 2013: MAC Indulge.

Fall is full of bold, beautiful makeup and color this year. The new MAC Cosmetics Indulge Collection is just that. It has me indulging in some new fall faves.

MAC Indulge Collection

"You’re invited to a dinner of supreme decadence, where no taste is too extravagant and no behaviour beyond limits. On the menu: Cremeblend Blush flushes skin with a sensual glow while Eye Shadow smoulders for the ultimate in seduction, intensified by Fluidline in Gilt Gourmet and Deliciously Rich. Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash darkens and lengthens lashes, while Lipstick and Lipglass further intoxicate the senses, as lacquered nails shimmer in jewel tones and molten metallics."

The collection:

LIPSTICK - $15.00
Smash Hit - sheer golden sparkle (dazzle)
By Design - soft shimmery beige ( frost)
Feed the Senses - mid-tone mauvey nude (lustre)
Just a Bite - mid-tone blue red (satin)
Sweet Succulence - deep glossy plum (lustre)

LIPGLASS - $15.00
Ultimate Dish - light beige with pearl
Liqueur - shimmering taupe
Fashion Punch - mid-tone neutral pink
Lust for Life - dark berry
Utterly Tart - deep red

Magnificent Feast - sparkling true gold ( frost)
Sinfully Sweet - sparkling champagne with gold pearl ( frost)
DiscothÉque - super glitter silver (pearl)
Impassioned - bright warm pink (crème)
Rebel - mid-tone cream plum (crème)
Screening Room - bright mid-tone teal (crème)

FLUIDLINE - $16.00
Gilt Gourmet - sparkling brushed gold
Deliciously Rich - shimmering dirty taupe
Blacktrack - solid flat black

Tease Your Tastes - soft neutral pink
Glamour Feast - deep rose

MASCARA - $21.00
Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash - black

266 Small Angle - $20.00
213 Fluff - $24.00

EYE SHADOW - $15.00
Gilty Morsel - glittery light gold (lustre)
Sex & The Oyster - mid-tone greyed blue green (veluxe pearl)
Three Ring Yellow - bright sulfer green yellow (veluxe pearl)
Divine Decadence - soft bronze (veluxe)
Deep Cravings - dark shimmery grey (veluxe pearl)
Eat, Love - deep emerald (satin)
Beluga - dark charcoal with multi-dimensional pearl (veluxe)
Palace Pedigreed - dark plum (satin)

MAC Indulge Collection is available now at all MAC locations and online at

MAC Indulge Collection Product Photos