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Beauty Tips Tuesday: Lucious Winter Lips.

Lips can be lucious, they just have to be cared for. I have a few great tips to keep your lips looking their best, all season long.

Beauty Tips


Beauty Tips for Dry Winter Lips


It's a fact. Lips will just not look good if they are dry, flaky or chapped. Every week, use a lip scrub to slough away dead, dry skin. You can buy a great lip scrub like BLISS Fabulips™ or Fresh Brown Sugar Lip Scrub, but I like to make my own. I mix a small amount of olive or almond oil and mix it with just enough brown sugar to make a paste. I scrub it over my lips for about a minute and rinse off.


Lip balm should be a part of your regular routine, not just when lips feel dry or chapped. The last thing I do before I get into bed is apply a lip balm to my lips to keep them soft and smooth overnight and beyond. Whether you use a tube of Chapstick or a jar of LaMer Lip Balm, it doesn't really matter. Keeping them moist and hydrated, especially overnight will get the job done.

Use a Humidifier

I use a room size humidifier in my bedroom every night in the winter. The extra bit of moisture seems to help my lips absorb lip balm better than if I don't use one. The added moisture is also essential to keeping them plumper.

Reader Comments (4)

I'm going to try that sugar mixture tonight to exfoliate my kisser! Great tips.
Just stumbled upon your blog reading through Wordpress help forums actually. I love it! I am going to subscribe to the newsletter. Awesome tips. I have horrible "winter lips". No matter how much Chapstick or moisturizing lipgloss I put on, they still look cakey and chapped. I have heard about lip "scrubs" like Fresh Brown Sugar, but didn't really realize that could be the solution to my problem :) Again, I love your site, so happy I stumbled upon it!
Laura -

I do the little sugar scrub once a week at least. I hope it worked out well for you!
Amanda -

Thank you for the kind words and welcome to BMS! I love the Fresh Brown Sugar scrub and have used it myself. That's when I decided to make my own.

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