Long Lashes + Bold Brows with Grande Naturals.

We've been seeing long, thick lashes for years. False eyelashes and lash extensions are super popular. Mascara brands are constantly improving their formulas so that lashes are longer and thicker. Everyone simply wants longer, fuller, thicker lashes. Now, it's all about the brows too. Thanks to Cara Delevingne and her naturally bold brows, the full brow is making a comeback. What are you to do if you just aren't blessed with long, thick lashes or full brows and you don't have the time to spend gluing on false lashes or filling in your brows? Well, you need to turn to turn lash and brow conditioners to do the trick. One great brand that I keep hearing about is Grande Naturals and their conditioning products GrandeLASH-MD and GrandeBROW. I've been testing them both hoping for long lashes and bold brows!

Big Lashes + Bold Brows with GrandeLASH-MD and GrandeBROW

GrandeLASH-MD is created with a proprietary blend of vitamins, peptides and amino acids plus conditioning ingredients. It's been a top award winner for years. It applies just like a liquid eyeliner and is to be used one at night before bed. When I've worked backstage with top makeup artists and complimented them on their lashes they've all told me it was thanks to GrandeLASH-MD. GrandeLASH-MD is tested and safe for use around the eyes.


GrandeBROW is an eyebrow enhancing serum that promotes thicker and fuller-looking brows. Made up of a properitary blend of vitamins, peptides and amino acids plus the key ingredient prostaglandin I.C. which extends the length of the hair growth cycle. It comes with a special applicator brush that is designed to deliver the product to the natural shape of the brows. It is also to be applied at night, to clean brows. This should only be applied to the thinning areas of the brows (which I think might be where I am going wrong as I have been applying it all over).


Both formulas start to work in about six weeks with full results seen in three to four months. I'll let you know my full results in a few months, but I've been using both for about a month so far. I can definitely notice lengthening in my lashes and my brows do seem to be growing like crazy. I swear I am snipping my brow hairs every other day and I haven't had to do that in a very long time. After I complete four months of use, I can start moving on to maintenance by using the products just every other night.

Prices vary as the products are sold individually in three month and six month supply and as a set containing the GrandeLASH-MD and GrandeBROW which is the best deal at $139.95.

You can purchase GrandeLASH-MD and GrandeBROW online at or at fine salons.


Creating Easy Hairstyles with Conair Quick Twist.

I remember being hair obsessed since a very young age. My daughter (now 20, which I cannot believe!) was definitely obsessed with creating, fun but VERY EASY hairstyles since she was probably three, and this summer has been all about finding fun and easy hairstyles for my nine year old niece Elizabeth. Being an active new fourth grader and having to get out the door fast in the morning but still wanting to express herself with her hair, Elizabeth turned to me for some help. She was tired of wearing her hair down, headbands and pony tails - she wanted to learn how to braid her hair. Braids are a huge trend, as we all know. Elizabeth and I both agreed that smaller braids used as accent pieces were the perfect way for her to express herself. The problem was that her little fingers had a hard time actually creating the braids herself. This is when I was lucky enough to get to test the brand new Conair Quick Twist and I knew this was the solution.

Conair Quick Twist

The Conair Quick Twist creates multiple, fun, stylish twisty braids in seconds. The best thing is that it only requires this one styling tool. And it's pretty easy to use with just a little bit of practice. I mastered the Quick Twist in less than 10 minutes and created fun and easy two-strand braids.

Using the Conair Quick Twist is as easy as 1,2,3:

1: Lock ends of hair into place in the styler and pull tight.
2: Slide the button up to turn on the twist to easily twist two strands all the way up.
3: Turn the top of the styler to twist the strands together, making it as loose or as tight as you want it.

Conair Quick Twist

Take a look at a cute Quick Twist look I created on Elizabeth.

An easy braided hairstyle with the Conair Quick Twist

An easy braided hairstyle with the Conair Quick Twist

An easy braided hairstyle with the Conair Quick Twist

It was hard for Elizabeth to use Quick Twist on her own as she is only nine years old. I feel that it is much easier and faster for an adult to use it on her. I think the Quick Twist is better suited for someone at least 12 or 13 years old and more flexible with their hands. It was not hard for me to use once I figured out how much hair to section off and how tight to hold the unit. I could see tween and teen girls using this for hours creating a variety of hairstyles with each other and having a great time doing so.

How to use the Conair Quick Twist

How to Use the Conair Quick Twist

I love how Conair thought of everything when it comes to the Quick Twist; they even included all of the must have accessories, including ribbons and more for totally one-of-a-kind styles. The Quick Twist comes complete with the following:

  • Quick Twist tool
  • 40 Scünci Anti-Slip Mini Elastics
  • 2 Silky Ribbons
  • 10 Hair Clips

Conair Quick Twist

The Conair Quick Twist is available now at your favorite drugstore or mass retailer for around $29.99.

Conair Quick Twist

To learn more about the Conair Quick Twist, visit

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This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received the Conair Quick Twist™ Double-Stranded Braider for my own personal use. All opinions, text and experiences are my own. #QuickTwist



Top 10 Favorite Eyeshadow Palettes.

I love my eyeshadow palettes. I have a lot of them. I don't want to even count how many eyeshadow palettes that I have, but when I go to my makeup vanity I have about dozen of them that I use pretty regularly. And when I took a hard look at them, I realize that I re-purchased four of them at least twice and I've just re-purchased one of them for the third time. With so many eyeshadow palettes you'd wonder why I would need so many. I honestly don't have an answer except that no matter how many products I try I seem to gravitate toward the same products.

Eyeshadow palettes offer the best value when it comes to price, there is no doubt about that. You can get from four to sixteen shadows (sometimes more) in you average eyeshadow palette and in so many degrees of color and formula. When figuring out my very favorite eyeshadow palettes, I just looked at my vanity and took the palettes that I have been using the most. These are my top 10 favorite eyeshadow palettes.

Best Eyeshadow Palettes: Add one of these eyeshadow palettes to your makeup collection to save time and money in your beauty routine! 

1. Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette {review}

2. Lancôme Auda[city] in Paris Eyeshadow Palette {review}

3. Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette {review}

4. Stila in the Light Palette {review}

5. Urban Decay Naked2 Basics {review}

6. Urban Decay Naked Basics {review}

7. CHANEL Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow Tissé Vendôme {review}

8. LORAC Pro Eye Shadow Palette 2 {review}

9. Bobbi Brown Telluride Eye Palette {review}

10. Urban Decay Naked3 Palette {review}

 The BEST Eyeshadow Palettes to Add to Your Makeup Collection




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