MAC Vamplify. 

I am a lipgloss addict. I'm not sure if I have more lipgloss or lipstick in my makeup collection. It's just one of those products that you can't have too many of. Ever. It simply finishes the makeup look. One of my favorite lipglosses - if not my favorite - is from MAC. From the color selection to the sweet tell-tale vanilla flavor, their lipglass just does it for me. The latest addition to the MAC lipglass lineup is a totally different lipgloss. It is a full-on, full bodied gloss that is more opaque, offering total color and coverage in just one swipe of the wand and I am in love. Meet MAC Vamplify.

MAC Vamplify

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9 New Skin Care Launches for Fall.

Summer to fall is a huge transition period for the skin. I normally tweak a few of my skin care products this time of year to recover and repair from the summer and prepare it for the winter. I go from spending a lot of time outside to not spending all of my inside yet, but I do start to spend more time indoors in the fall. I'm quite surprised at the recent onslaught of skin care launches that are helping me make the transition easier. From new makeup remover wipes that hydrate the skin to custom eye treatments there is something to make the transition easier and your skin better.

Best NEW Skincare Products to Try Now

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Extend Your Summer Tan.

As we transition our way from summer to fall, you don't have to lose that summer tan you have. I'm hoping it's a faux glow but I see you all out there and realize many of you have spent a lot of time at the beach and are brown. Even though I pile on the sunscreen, my skin turns a light golden brown color as soon as I hit the outdoors too. I do enhance the color by self-tanning and that is exactly how I am extending and prolonging my summer tan. I've discovered some new products that are giving me the most believable color that lasts and one that protects me while I am outside.

Products + Tips to Extend Your Summer Tan

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