Boscia for Breast Cancer Awareness.

One of their most popular and widely used products, Boscia had created it's popular Blotting Linens exclusively for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Rose Blotting Linens are formulated with the exquisitely feminine essence of Rose to soothe skin and uplift the psyche.  While blotting away the oils that accumulate through the day.

*10% of proceeds from the sales of boscia Rose Blotting Linens are donated to The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation ( to support breast cancer research.

The pack comes with 100 sheets and sell for $10.00 Pick them up at Sephora,, or



Say "Hello!" to my Beautiful Friend.

One of my best beautiful blogging friends is Christina Jones.

Christina was one of the first beauty bloggers, starting her original beauty blog in 2005. Christina has worked for years bringing her wonderful beauty posts to us and you may have wondered where she went. Well, she went to her very own Christina Loves.

You must go on over and catch up with Christina at Christina Loves where she is bringing it on with a whole lot of beauty, a bit of fashion, geeky girly stuff, and even a little bit of life mixed in. I most always love what Christina does, so go on over and say hello now - as I bet you will love it all too.


Glowology Love Light Candle.

The perfect way to light up your home and benefit breast cancer research.

During the month of October, Glowology will donate 50% of proceeds from the sale of Love Light Candles to The Breast Cancer Research Fund.

Encased in a glass holder with the signature Glowology logo and pink design, the Love Light Candle is subtly scented with Glowology’s signature honey sugar fragrance.

Yummy and beautiful.

This gorgeously scented candle retails for $24 and is available at Noodle and Boo.