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Secret Sport Challenge.


Last weekend I told you about the webinar announcing the Secret Sport Challenge, where women 13 and older have a chance at an athletic scholarship. I am back now with all of the details.

Secret is giving away $100,000 in athletic scholarships (there will be 20 winners who will each win $5,000). To sign up for the challenge, you go to and click on the link to the Secret page on Facebook to become a fan and add the Secret Sport Challenge Application. The Challenge is based on a point system, which is described below.

To participate as an Athlete in this Challenge, visit or the Secret page over on Facebook, and create your Secret Sport Challenge Application age to feature your personal fitness goal. By entering this Challenge, you will earn points for various activities such as updating the status f your goal, receiving support messages from your friends, and sending support messages to friends who are also participating as Athletes in this Challenge.

At the end of each monthly period defined Athletes that have the highest point values will receive a Grand Prize consisting of a $5,000 sport scholarship. In the event of a tie (which is likely), a random drawing will be conducted from among tied entrants to determine the winners for that monthly period. You must be a Facebook member in order to become an Athlete or support an Athlete. If you are not a Facebook member, follow the instructions at to sign up for membership (there is no fee to become a member)

*Earn 1 point when creating your SSCA page. Limit 1 point per Athlete.
*Earn 1 point when you update the status of your personal goal. Limit 1 point per day regardless of the number of times you update yourstatus on a given day.
* Earn 1 point for each different friend that sends you a support message. Limit 1 point per friend per day regardless if a friend sends multiple support messages on a given day.
*Earn 1 point for each support message you send to friends who are participating as Athletes in this Challenge. Limit 1 point per support message sent per friend per day. Even if you send a friend multiple messages within a given day, you will only receive 1 point for messages sent to that friend per day.

So not only is it a great opportunity, setting goals and having fun at the same time is a great plus. Let us know if you sign up so your Beautiful Makeup Search friends can send you some support.


Lancome Holiday Juicy Tubes Set.

Call me crazy. I am bringing it up - the Holiday's! Barely Fall, and I cannot control myself, especially when it comes to one of my most anticipated sets every year. Take a look at Lancome's brand new Holiday Juicy Tubes Set.

I splurge on this beauty each and every Holiday season, and I am tempted to order this one already. Crazy, crazy, crazy...

This Holiday set includes the following Juicy Tubes:

Juicy Tubes Smoothie -- Spring Fling
Juicy Tubes Jelly -- Grand Café Crème Brulee (limited edition)
Juicy Tubes Smoothie -- Simmer
Juicy Tubes Smoothie -- Fifth Avenue Frosting
Juicy Tubes Smoothie -- Ginger Palace (limited edition)
Juicy Tubes Smoothie -- Maharani Jewels (limited edition)
Juicy Tubes Smoothie -- Pink Horizon
Juicy Tubes Smoothie -- Sun Bronze

$39.50 online now and soon, I am sure, at your favorite Lancome counter.


Join My Beauty Blogging Friends at Milwaukee Fashion Week.

A few of my beauty blogging friends will be in attendance for the inaugural edition of Milwaukee Fashion Week Oct. 2-6.  The theme is "grow where you are planted". 

Speaking at the event will be Lianne of The Makeup Girl, Shannon of A Girl's Gotta Spa, and Christine of Temptalia.

There are plenty of events planned including a Couture Runway Experience with makeup by Billy B., hair by

Syd Curry and fashions by Gilles Montezin.  Billy and Syd will also be doing keynotes and workshops the entire time. SOunds like a ton of fun. Good news if you are in the area, there is a  discount code for 25% off tickets at checkout with the code FASHIONABLE. 

For tickets, schedules, and anything else about the event, visit