Laura Geller 8-Piece Baked Cakes Deluxe Baked Collection.

Another great Today's Special Value over on QVC is a beautiful 8 piece collection from Laura Geller. It is the Laura Geller 8-piece "Baked Cakes" Deluxe Baked Collection for a special price of $49.86.

Seriously, where can you get this much makeup of a great quality for such a great price? This one is not to miss. I just ordered mine and cannot wait to try it.


These full-size products feature a blend of color-corrective pigments and light-diffusing particles that's slow-baked in terra-cotta pans. They glide on easily for silky, luminous color. Best-selling Balance-N-Brighten powder foundation tones down ruddiness, providing natural-looking coverage. Blush-N-Brighten--swirls of coral, tan, and gold--gives cheeks a natural glow. Baked Marble eye shadow duo is a new pairing of pigment-rich eye shadows. Creamy and intense, the new Baked Cake eyeliner duo comes in two shades to make your eye color pop. Create a flawless line with a sexy, smudgy look. Ultra-rich creamy black mascara conditions and colors for fuller, lusher lashes. Lip shiner gloss provides color, coverage, and moist, mouthwatering shine.


  • Baked Balance-N-Brighten powder foundation--best seller!
  • Baked Blush-N-Brighten in honey dipped (swirls of coral, gold, tan)--NEW color, not in stores until October!
  • Baked Marble eye shadow duo in pink icing (pink) and devil's food (golden brown)--NEW colors!
  • Baked Cake eyeliner duo in plum pudding (deep plum) and black forest (silver-flecked charcoal)--NEW item, not in stores until September!
  • moisturizing lip shiner in spice (rosy brown)--NEW color!
  • creamy black mascara
  • Retractable face brush--NEW item!
  • Double-ended eye shadow/liner brush
Let me know if you scoop this up and what you think about it!



Poll: Self-Tanning.

self-tanner_legs.jpgLooking at my pasty white legs while thinking of my upcoming trip to Florida next month, I am wondering if it is too early to start self-tanning.

Normally, I would start the self-tanning process just a few days before heading South, but I think I might start with some really gradual tanners and get some color going on. Plus I need to scrub away all the flakes and dryness that has built up over this harsh, dry winter. Come to think of it, the process might take a little longer than I am thinking.


Is it too early to start self-tanning for the season? It is March, and we do "spring" ahead this weekend.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Fragrance Friday: An Introduction.


This is such a beautiful idea, don't you think? A weekly column all about fragrance and written by me, The Fragrance Fanatic. I am so excited to be here again.

I have helped Teri out in the past, but this is special because fragrance is my thing.  I am thrilled to be here and share my love for fragrance with everyone.

Please get involved and tell me your likes and dislikes about the fragrances I post about as well. I am really looking forward to it.

To briefly introduce myself, in case you have forgotten, my name is Cindi. I am married with one beautiful little girl who is almost two years old. By day I lead up a special education technology department for a large school system. By night, well, anything goes as does life for a married mother to a busy toddler. One thing is for sure. I do it all well smelling great.

My fragrance collection is quite large. Someday I will display it all together and photograph it for you. My range is quite vast too. From my first fragrance of Love's Baby Soft (do not laugh, I love this on a cold Sunday night after a nice long warm bath) to my prized bottle of Clive Christian No. 1, I think the most expensive in my collection, and so many in between, I will have a ball talking about it every week. Hopefully I will get to try more and more fragrances and even have exclusive information on new releases, sets and more.

If you have any ideas or need to reach me (fragrance people!) you may do so by emailing me: reviews (at) beautifulmakeupsearcch (dot) com .

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